Penta Investments hired the prestigious Robert Majkut Design studio to design the lobby of the D48 office building located in the heart of the corporate district of Służewiec, at the corner of Domaniecka and Postępu streets. Currently, finishing works are being conducted.

    “– We knew that we were invited to join the project in order to break a certain obviousness of creating an office lobby, which there’s a multitude of within the corporate district of Służewiec. We were aware of the fact that simply hiding behind decent laminate and glass panels would not work out here and even though we had to restrain ourselves to some extend, we needed a true, raw sparkle and a certain wow factor. We focused on creating different ambiance for each of the lobby zones – from extreme minimalism to hotel cosiness, from elegance and simplicity of raw materials, such as architectural concrete, to non-standard and highly processed materials. Thanks to that the lobby space at D48 provides truly diverse vibes,” comments Robert Majkut, Head of Design at Robert Majkut Design.

    The reception area at D48 is a minimalistic space based on extremely simple geometric shapes. Dominated by white terrazzo flooring intertwined with lines of polished brass, the floor is juxtaposed with smooth grey plains of architectural concrete on the walls, crowned with a corresponding white ceiling. These are the only materials used in the central and at the same time the highest part of the area, besides the reception desk made of one 9-meter-long log. This simple piece of wood breaks the white and grey space with a golden shade of raw, cracked oak that maintained its natural colour.

    Right opposite the reception desk – contrasting with the bright space of the main hall – there are darker waiting and relaxation rooms with spot lighting. Full of soft fabrics, dark colours, rounded surfaces and low seats, they constitute important counterbalance to the minimalism of the main area. The combination of clean, soaring concrete walls and a bright ceiling contrasts with walls covered with matt black smoked steel, used as a background for grey and golden furniture made of natural felt, plush and natural leather. All that is finished off with black and oak veneer furniture as well as pieces made of matt black steel and polished brass. The whole design is complemented by floor lamps made of delicate brass wires, white glass and black shades, as well as small, white marble tables. The black ceiling with mounted spotlights is made of felt anthracite lamellas and serves as an acoustic cover, simultaneously closing the space and discreetly hiding all ceiling installations.

    The bright space of the central part of the lobby tones down leading further inside the building towards black and white elevator corridors located behind black glass gates, where the walls were covered with charred wood from top to bottom, in contrast to the white floor and mirror black ceilings. The corridors are closed off with walls completely covered with moss and lichens in two different shades for two separate halls. One of them is dominated by faded minty green, while the other has claret and plum tones creating spacious and pictorial compositions. A counterpoint for the design is a number of elevator portals made of delicate brass profiles and sheets oxidized in brown.

    “– Interior design is to a large extend a result of the quality of cooperation between the investor and the designer – their mutual openness, engagement and trust. And that was exactly the case here. Penta as the investor belongs to a group of developers who work with the most prominent architects, such as Zaha Hadid, therefore they put a lot of emphasis on the quality of comprehensive and extremely detailed architecture, where every single element of the building reflects the idea of a polished up, sharp and cautious yet expressive design. Therefore, creating a concept for a client of that type excludes superficial and schematic designs. Quite the contrary – such a project invites to enter a material and designing virtuosity, where sophisticated solutions, extraordinary materials and diverse ambiance should bring to mind good literature with an unflashy cover,” comments Robert Majkut, Head of Design at Robert Majkut Design.

    Key advantages of D48 office building:
    – D48 is the new generation office building with a leasable area of over 26,000 sq m on 11 floors on the Domaniewska street side and 8 floors on the Postępu street side. The size of spaces available at a single floor allows the tenants to flexibly design their functional interior spaces.
    – D48 includes spacious terraces offering a view of downtown Warsaw and within the plot – green areas with modern landscaping elements and a spacious patio dedicated to future guests of Warsztat Kulinarny restaurant, which will be open on weekdays and weekends (for employees of Służewiec business district and D48 office building, as well as residents of newly built housing estates in the close vicinity).
    – Owing to the efficient planning of the building's form and its placement, the clear height (2.75 m) and the fully glazed facade, each office floor of the D48 will use daylight lightining to the maximum extent possible.
    –In addition to standard facilities like high-speed elevators, a large number of parking spaces and access to WI-FI in the building and on the site – the building uses innovative
    eco-friendly solutions that ensure the highest efficiency, as well as modern control systems operated from smartphones.
    – The building offers a total of 480 parking spaces situated in a two-level underground parking garage for tenants and in the external parking lot for guests. Access to both parking lots is provided by two independent entry ways – from the Domaniewska Street and from the Postępu Street. Both car parkings hold dedicated charging stations for electric vehicles.
    – D48 provides extensive bike-friendly facilities (e.g. bicycle stands and changing rooms for those biking to work, as well as bicycle lanes within the plot).
    – HRA Architekci was responsible for building permit design, while EPSTEIN was responsible for the executive project.
    – D48 office building has been construced in the construction management system, managed by Hill International.
    – Interior design of D48 lobby is by Robert Majkut Design studio, in cooperation with Mąka-Sojka Architekci studio.
    – D48 office building has been awarded the LEED® pre-certificate on the Gold level, in the category LEED® Building Design and Construction: Core and Shell Development.
    – The total value of the investment amounted to approx. EUR 48 million.

    About Robert Majkut Design
    For over 20 years, Robert Majkut has been managing his own studio, leading a team of designers and architects, and executing international projects for commercial facilities and private interiors requiring comprehensive services, including interior design, other forms of design and elements of visual identification. Robert Majkut has developed his own method of translating the language of image communication into the language of real business, which constitutes Robert Majkut Design’s unique know-how functioning under the name Space Design Standard. His original methodology and tools are supported by the studio’s long-standing experience. Awarded by the IPA in London in 2015 and 2016. The extensive list of RMD’s clients includes the most popular brands, such as Multikino, Open Finance, Noble Bank, Alior Bank, PKO Bank Polski, Time Trend, Boutique Moliera 2 for Valentino and Salvatore Ferragamo, Wabu – Sushi & Japanese Tapas, Grupa Profbud, Orange Sky Golden Harvest, Kolosej, Kronverk Cinema, Imax Enka and Mori Cinema.

    About Penta
    Penta Investments is a Central European investment group established in 1994. It operates mainly in healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, retail, real estate and media. The Group manages an evergreen fund sustained by its partners, the company's only shareholders. Its portfolio companies provide jobs to more than 32,000 people and reported assets of EUR 8,5 billion in 2016. Penta operates in more than 10 European countries and has offices in Prague, Bratislava and Warsaw.